Alex Seidel - Alex Seidel EP

Known for getting on the mic, throwing down b-boy style and hijacking Boiler Room sessions, the young man has been making a name for himself this past year. Hot on the heels of his well-received debut EP for Money $ex Records, Seidel returns with a nifty four-tracker, mixing flavours like a true chef.

A1. ‘Altitude 89’ a hypnotic oddball: Rhodes chords & melody, rolling acid bass-line and shuffling hi-hats suck you into the void.

A2. ‘Secret High’ venturing into electro territory, Seidel serves up a drum machine workout accompanied by a cheeky acid bass-line and rhythmical background vocals.

B1. Bridging the gap to yet another genre ‘Quinn’ comes through with groove, hook and clever arrangement. With disco at its core this pacey peak-time roller will make you freak.

B2. Droned out and experimental, ‘Phoenix’ is creepy like David Lynch.


  1. Alex Seidel EP



15 February 2016

Cat. No: TART035

Distributed by OYE RECORDS

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